Dietary Public Health Research

shutterstock_92076083CROPNutrition plays a key role in health. In the UK it is estimated that around 33,000 excess deaths per year are caused by diets that do not match current guidelines, and inequalities in diet contribute to health inequalities.

Almost all the food we eat comes from the commercial food system. But, where we live and work, the people around us, and what resources we have access to also influence what we eat, from early years to older age.

Consequently, policies and interventions to improve the health of our diets will require the various actions of national and local governments, food producers and retailers, the media and other sectors.

The Programmes in Dietary Public Health at CEDAR examine the behaviours, environments, policies and practices behind our diets, with a view to supporting effective interventions in this complex area.

Programmes are:

Until February 2017, Dr Pablo Monsivais led a programme examining the Social, Economic and Neighbourhood Determinants of Diet. A number of strands of work from this programme are being integrated into the programmes above.