FRESH: Families Reporting Every Step to Health

FRESH is an innovative programme designed to help families become more active by doing fun stuff together!

Physical activity has been repeatedly and positively associated with beneficial health outcomes for children. We know that being physically active is great for kids’ bone health, heart health, and mental health (plus, it can be fantastic fun!).

Despite this, recent figures suggest that almost 70% of boys, and 80% of girls, do not meet the physical activity recommendation of 60 minutes of physical activity each day. By getting our kids more active, we can help them grow, learn, and have fun. Spending time being active with their families may bring additional benefits, for example, improved family functioning and connectedness.

FRESH is an innovative programme that is designed to help families become more active together, FRESH is tailored to your family’s physical activity level so, you can be as active as you like. Check out the video below or scroll down for more information.

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If you have any questions or would like to participate in FRESH, please contact Justin Guagliano or Beth Haines at, give us a call at 0800 783 3009, or fill in the form below.

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