New online tool to inform cycling investment

A new Department for Transport funded tool highlights just how much potential there is in England for people to get cycling. The Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT) – – was developed by a team of researchers including the Public Health Modelling group from CEDAR.

It is freely available and open source, and is helping planners understand the scope for increasing cycling in England, as well as pinpointing specific areas and routes where cycling might grow most.

The tool currently uses 2011 Census data about journeys to work. It offers four ‘scenarios’ that show town and transport planners which areas and routes may have the highest potential for commuter cycling in the future. These are shown on an interactive map of England. The tool takes into account not only journey distances but also how hilly routes are – important factors that influence whether a particularly journey is likely to be cycle.

Because cycling is a great way to get regular physical activity, and reduces the number of cars on the road, increasing cycling would have substantial health, environment and congestion benefits.

Access the tool at

Watch an introductory video: