Dr Vivien L Hendry

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Research Associate/Career Development Fellow (till September 2014)

Vivien has now left CEDAR.


  • BSc (Honours) in Economics, University of St Andrews, 1995-1999
  • MLitt (Distinction) in Health Care Resource Management, University of St Andrews, 1999-2001 (with integrated year in industry, sponsored by Pfizer)
  • PhD in Health Sciences, University of York, 2004-2008

Background and experience
Prior to starting at CEDAR, Vivien was based at the University of York, where she completed her PhD Influencing Immunization in Childhood: Evidence and Policy which evaluated interventions to promote vaccination in childhood, combining systematic review, qualitative interviews with policy-makers, and economic analysis.  Following this, she was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Effective Education (IEE), University of York, using similar methods to her doctoral research. She worked on a range of evaluations including qualitative evaluations of widening participation programmes, systematic reviews of educational interventions, and the RCT of Every Child Counts. Vivien was also previously the Research Officer for the Global Economic Governance Programme (GEG), at the University of Oxford and University College Oxford, Oxford, and trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu, London.

Current work and interests
Vivien is interested in food policy, in evaluating the effectiveness of interventions to promote healthier diets, the broader context within which these strategies operate, and the role of evidence in policy-making. Currently, she is working on a systematic review of government regulation and legislation with David Ogilvie, Pablo Monsivais and colleagues from MRC Human Nutrition Research. The review evaluates interventions which have adopted a regulatory approach to change diet or diet-related behaviour. It includes regulating nutritional content by controlling salt or fat levels, and regulations to influence dietary behaviours through facilitating healthier choices. This encompasses strategies such as information labelling, advertising, marketing, retailing, procurement, environmental zoning, enforced restrictions within benefits programmes, taxes, subsidised provision of healthy food, and other non-price strategies. As a follow up to this review, Vivien is conducting qualitative interviews with decision makers on the policy processes around a specific regulatory strategy and the role of evidence in practice. She is also involved in the SPEEDY study (Sport, Physical activity and Eating behaviour: Environmental Determinants in Young people) led by Esther van Sluijs.



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  • Funded under the CEDAR grant until September 2014.
  • Co-applicant and research coordinator with Professor Carole Torgerson (Principal Investigator), Hannah Ainsworth (co-applicant), and Connie Cullen (Director, Admissions and UK/EU Student Recruitment, University of York) on “Evaluating Three Models of School–University Partnership at the University of York: Learning Lessons and Planning for the Future”. Funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), 1st May – 31st August 2009.

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