Evidence Submissions

Below are a number of our evidence submissions to policy bodies and guidance producing organisations, many submitted jointly with the MRC Epidemiology Unit. If you have questions about these, please contact Oliver Francis, ocf26@cam.ac.uk

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Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
The future for food, farming and the environment – May 2018

DEFRA sought input on the future of agricultural policy in England in the context of Brexit.

House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee
Childhood Obesity Inquiry – April 2018

The Health and Social Care Committee followed up its predecessor’s work in the last Parliament (Childhood obesity: brave and bold action and Childhood obesity: follow-up) by holding further evidence sessions on childhood obesity. Committee Inquiry homepage.

Read the final report – Childhood Obesity: Time for Action  

Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP)
Consultation on new food advertisement rules – July 2016

The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) write and maintain the UK Advertising Codes, which are administered by the Advertising Standards Authority. CEDAR responded to their public consultation on introducing new rules on the advertising to children of food and soft drink products in non-broadcast media, including online.

House of Lords National Policy for the Built Environment Committee – October 2015

The National Policy for the Built Environment Committee was appointed on 11 June 2015 to consider the development and implementation of national policy for the built environment. www.parliament.uk/built-environment

House of Commons Health Select Committee
The impact of physical activity and diet on health
– March 2015

This inquiry of the House of Commons Select Committee looked at evidence of the impact of diet on health and the most effective way of conveying healthy eating and drinking to the public in order to achieve a more healthy weight, and evidence of the impact of physical activity on health, including its impact independent of weight.

At the expert testimony session, the Committee asked for follow-up information on two specific areas of interest:

Transport for London
London Cycle Superhighway Consultation – November 2014

All-Party Commission on Physical Activity
Tackling Physical Inactivity, a Coordinated Approach – April 2014

The All Party Commission on Physical Activity was set up in response to the Designed to Move report (pdf) and the “the need for action to end the physical inactivity epidemic in the UK”.

All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG)
Get Britain Cycling – April 2013

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) conducted an inquiry in looking at the state of cycling in Britain.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
Guidance on Walking and Cycling – November 2012

House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee
Behaviour change report – July 2011

The purpose of this inquiry was to consider whether the Government’s approach to behaviour change was effective and whether it could be improved.