Lifelong Health and Wellbeing grant

LLHWThis study will examine the promotion of physical activity in older age, building on and adding to data from the EPIC-Norfolk study. The three year research programme will generate evidence to inform the development and evaluation of interventions and policy to promote physical activity in older people. The project involves researchers from CEDAR, the MRC Epidemiology Unit, the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, and Clinical Gerontology.

One of the main challenges that faces health services and society is the care of older people with limitations to their independent living. The promotion of more physical activity among the middle-aged and elderly may make this challenge more manageable.

In this project, we will look at patterns of physical activity and sedentary behaviour and how they change over time. The study will examine the personal and environmental factors that influence physical activity in older people, and add to knowledge about the sorts of activities that might reduce risk of disease and be feasible for older people. These are important steps in developing interventions and policy to help populations adopt sustainable healthy behaviours.