Food behaviours and public health interventions

Programme Lead: Prof Martin White

Our programme aims to develop, evaluate and translate interventions to promote healthier diet and health. To achieve this, it aims to build understanding of the complex, dynamic relationships between consumer food markets and food behaviours, and identify opportunities for interventions in this context to promote healthier diet. The programme therefore has a concern with the role of the food industry, broadly defined, in influencing diet and health.

It aims to develop methods to measure key concepts essential to understanding these relationships. The programme focuses primarily on upstream, policy interventions that have the potential maximise population reach, impact and cost-effectiveness.

The programme pursues observational research to:

  • develop understanding of the consumer food market offer and its social, political and economic determinants
  • develop understanding of food behaviours and their social, psychological and cultural determinants.

The programme pursues evaluative research to:

  • identify opportunities for policy interventions to change food behaviours and engage with policymakers to research their implementation and evaluability
  • assess the cost-effectiveness of policy interventions that have the potential to change food behaviours.

The programme pursues methodological research to:

  • develop reliable and valid measures of consumer food markets
  • develop reliable and valid measures of food behaviours.

Programme staff

Programme students

Programme Studies

Dietary Public Health Research and the Food Industry (PI: Martin White)

Evaluation of the impacts on health of the proposed UK industry levy on sugar sweetened beverages: developing a systems map and data platform, and collection of baseline and early impact data (PI: Martin White)

Research to support the evaluation and implementation of adult cooking skills interventions in the UK: pilot RCT with process and economic evaluation components (PI: Martin White)

Soft Drinks Industry Levy Evaluation (PI: Martin White)

Transforming the ‘foodscape’. Development and feasibility testing of interventions to promote healthier take-away, pub or restaurant food (PI: Ashley Adamson, Newcastle University; CI: Martin White)

Programme Publications

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