RENEW video transcript

Transcript of the RENEW recruitment video

“Where we live can affect our health and wellbeing.

It can influence how active we are – for instance whether we get around by walking and cycle, or if we use the car.

Things that might influence us could include:

  • access to parks and green spaces
  • crime levels and how safe somewhere feels
  • how well-connected streets are for walking
  • how easy it is to access public transport
  • and the example set by others in the neighbourhood.

When building new places to live, there is potential to design them so that they encourage us to live healthier lifestyles.

However, we have very little information on how moving into newly built neighbourhoods influences how active people are.

This sort of information could help builders, developers and the government to design ‘healthy’ neighbourhoods.

This is where you could help.

A research team led by the University of Cambridge is studying the effects that moving to a newly built neighbourhood has on the physical activity, travel behaviour and health of new residents.

To do this, we need to collect information from people as they move to new neighbourhoods,  and compare them to people who are not moving.

The study is called RENEW.

If you take part in RENEW, we will ask you to fill in a questionnaire. This will ask questions about things like:

  • how much physical activity you do
  • what you think of your current neighbourhood
  • your general health and wellbeing

This should only  take you about half an hour to complete.

You may also get the chance to wear a small physical activity monitor that measures how much physical activity you’re doing. You will be asked to wear this for one week, and you we will share the results with you.

If you decide you want to take part, you will receive a £10 gift token as a thank you.”

For more information, please visit the web page provided in the recruitment letter or email we have sent you.

If you have any questions, please call 0800 121 4225 or email