Sophie Attwood

bikePhD Student


Telephone:  01223 769192

UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)
Department of MRC Epidemiology
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Box 285 Institute of Metabolic Science
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Cambridge, CB2 0QQ


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, University of Leeds
  • MSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health, University of Bristol
  • Phil in Public Health, University of Cambridge

Background and experience
Sophie developed her interest in the area of physical activity whilst studying the impact of active lifestyles on aspects of mental health as part her undergraduate degree and subsequent MSc. Sophie’s background is in health psychology and she has completed an MPhil in Public Health at the University of Cambridge, forming the first year of a 1+3 PhD scheme with CEDAR.

Current work and interests
Sophie is currently in the early stages of her PhD project which will examine the role of factors that influence uptake and response to physical activity interventions.

Organisational affiliation
CEDAR; Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge.