Maria Goodall

Maria GoodallPhD Student

Telephone: 01223 746889

UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)
Department of MRC Epidemiology
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Box 285 Institute of Metabolic Science
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Cambridge, CB2 0QQ


  • AB in Anthropology, Harvard University 2006
  • MPHil in Public Health, University of Cambridge 2009

Background and experience
María Goodall is a PhD student working on primordial prevention of childhood obesity and promotion of childhood physical activity, in particular active travel. She received her undergraduate degree from Harvard University, where she studied Biological Anthropology with a emphasis on Mind, Brain, and Behaviour research. Later she came to the other Cambridge and completed an MPhil in Public Health. In the interim between undergraduate and the Masters, María taught A-level sciences in England and Earth sciences in Puerto Rico.

Current work and interests
Currently, María’s research focuses on the effects of social networks on child obesity and physical activity. She is also interested in children’s perceptions of their environment and the association between those perceptions and children’s physical activity. Her primary aim is to explore psycho-social factors that through interventions could promote physical activity and reduce obesity in children.

In addition to her own studies, María provides supervision for the Introduction to the Scientific Basis of Medicine (ISBM) and  Social Context of Health and Illness (SCHI), two undergraduate medical courses at the University of Cambridge.  She also lectures second and third year students at Anglia Ruskin University on Exercise and Health Pscyhology, as well as Exercise and Health Promotion.  When time allows, Maria also teaches Cambridge MPhil Epidemiology and Public Health students.

Organisational affiliation
MRC Epidemiology Unit.