Kai Schulze

PhD Student

Email: ks727@medschl.cam.ac.uk

UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR)
MRC Epidemiology Unit
University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine
Box 285 Institute of Metabolic Science
Cambridge Biomedical Campus
Cambridge, CB2 0QQ

I am a PhD student in the Food systems and public health programme within Dietary Public Health and am supervised by Prof. Martin and Dr. Jean Adams.

I have a background in Sociology, Political Sciences and Economics and hold a BA in Social Sciences from Humboldt-University Berlin and an MPhil in Public Health from the University of Cambridge. I am also an occasional research assistant at the Health and Social Care department at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

My research interests include:

  • the association between highly processed foods and health outcomes
  • the replication crisis of the biomedical and social sciences and meta-research
  • at LSE Health – the governance of antimicrobial resistance policies.

Prior to joining CEDAR, I have worked as a research assistant at the Berlin Social Science Center in the fields of experimental economics and sociology.