Andreea Cetateanu

Andreea Cetateanu

Andreea has now left CEDAR, and is working at the Faculty of Public Health at Imperial College London.

Msc Business and Economics, BA Economics, Teaching skills certificate, Computer operator certificate.

Background and experience
Andreea’s background is in business and economics. She has worked for the Romanian Ministry of Finance as a junior fiscal inspector, and in the private sector as a junior tax consultant. Andreea has also worked as a database administrator, magazine editor, market researcher and marketing officer for the NGO sector.

Current work and interests
Andreea recently became interested in marketing and health after completing a master’s thesis in the area of marketing and consumer behaviour. Andreea has published a few articles in Romanian magazines, in the area of sustainable and healthy eating. Her current research focus is on the relationship between food marketing, food environments and dietary behaviours and related health outcomes in children.



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