Dr Emmanouil Mentzakis

Dr Emmanouil MentzakisFormer Lecturer in Public Health Economics

Dr Mentzakis has now left CEDAR


  • PhD in Health Economics, University of Aberdeen (2008)
  • MSc in Environmental Economics, University of York (2004)
  • BSc in Economics, University of Athens (2003)

Background and experience
Following a PhD at the University of Aberdeen, Manos took up a two-year post-doctoral fellowship at McMaster University working closely with faculty at the Department of Economics and the McMaster Experimental Economics Laboratory (McEEL).

Current work and interests
Manos’ work focused on applied economics with an interest in a) experimental techniques (i.e. choice experiments and contingent valuation), their novel applications and a number of methodological aspects of their implementation and b) and non-experimental frameworks, with a focus on individual and household behaviours (using large secondary datasets), particularly determinants of individual health behaviour (e.g. self-assessed health, informal care, obesity etc.) and subjective well-being and the econometric modelling of such functions.

Professional memberships and roles

  • Director of the MSc in Health Economics at University of East Anglia
  • International Health Economics Association
  • Canadian Economics Association

Publications to August 2012

  1. Mentzakis, E., McNamee, P., Ryan, M. and Sutton, M. Valuing informal care experience: Does choice of measure matter? Forthcoming in Social Indicators Research.
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