Dr Ryota Nakamura


Former Research Associate

Ryota has now left CEDAR to join the Centre for Health Economics at the University of York. If you want to know more about Ryota’s work at CEDAR, please contact Marc Suhrcke.


  • PhD in Economics, University of York, UK
  • MA in Economics, Kyoto University, Japan
  • BA in Economics, Kyoto University, Japan

Background and experience:
Ryota is an applied microeconomist specialising in the areas of health economics. After completing a PhD at York, he joined UEA in 2011 as a Research Associate to work on various research projects on health behaviour, mainly for Behaviour and Health Research Unit (BHRU). Ryota joined CEDAR in June 2013, although he still holds a position in BHRU.

Current work and Interest
Ryota’s current research includes microeconometric analyses of health and health-related behaviour. The research has been focused on analyses of market research data to investigate purchasing behaviour in supermarkets.


CEDAR publications