Dr Katie Morton

Career Development Fellow: Behavioural Epidemiology

IMG_8517cKatie has now left CEDAR. For more about her work here, please contact Esther van Sluijs.

Background and experience
Katie received her undergraduate degree (Sports Science and Social Sciences) and completed an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology, both at Loughborough University. Following this, she completed her PhD at the University of British Columbia, Canada (2011) in Behavioural Medicine, with a focus on parenting and adolescent health promotion.

Katie’s research applies insights from behavioural science, in particular health psychology, to behavioural interventions to promote physical activity, healthy eating and psychological well-being across the age spectrum. Her key interests are the development and evaluation of interventions, intervention fidelity, and processes underlying behaviour change. Katie also has experience in the objective measurement of physical activity, qualitative research methods, systematic reviews and in instrument (questionnaire) development and validation.

Katie previously worked at the Primary Care Unit (University of Cambridge) as a Research Associate, working on a large scale pilot