Dr Emilie Aguirre

Fulbright and Knox scholar

Email: eka30@cam.ac.uk

Emilie has now left CEDAR. For information about her work here, please contact Pablo Monsivais.


  • Juris Doctorate, Harvard Law School (Admitted to California Bar)
  • LLM (Masters in Law), University of Cambridge
  • AB in Sociology, Princeton University

Background and Experience
Emilie is a qualified US lawyer specialising in food and health law and policy. After completing her bachelor’s degree in sociology, she worked on education and health initiatives in the Dominican Republic before attending law school. During law school, she focused primarily on food and health law, corporate law, trade law, negotiation, and human rights law.

Work and Interests at CEDAR
Emilie is interested in the intersection of law and health, particularly vis-à-vis food, nutrition, and obesity. Her research focuses primarily on agricultural law, EU Common Agricultural Policy, and sugar policy and their contributions to the creation of the obesogenic food system. Emilie also investigates the sociology of health and the health and medical implications of trade law, human rights law, and corporate law. She is interested in mapping complex legal obligations and in devising policy mechanisms that comply with these legal obligations.