Joanna Kesten

Joanna has now left CEDAR to work for the Centre for Exercise Nutrition and Health Sciences (School for Policy Studies) at the University of Bristol. If you would like to find out more about Joanna’s work at CEDAR, please contact David Ogilvie.

Background and experience
Joanna Kesten obtained her first degree at Loughborough University in Human Biology. She went on to complete a PhD with the Centre for Global Health and Human Development also at Loughborough, supervised by Professor Noël Cameron and Dr Paula Griffiths. Her PhD research assessed the role of community readiness in reducing the risk of overweight and obesity in pre-adolescent girls. This work included formative research into the perceived influences on pre-adolescent girls’ physical activity and eating behaviours. Joanna also applied the Community Readiness Model to assess the level of preparedness of a community to address obesity prevention.

Work at CEDAR
Joanna worked on the Commuting and Health in Cambridge study as a qualitative research associate. In this role Joanna focused on understanding the impacts of new transport infrastructure on active travel, physical activity and public health.  


  • Kesten J, Griffiths PL, Cameron N. A systematic review to determine the effectiveness of interventions designed to prevent overweight and obesity in pre-adolescent girls. Obes Rev 2011;12(12):997-1021.