Job-loss associated with weight gain – but diet and physical activity may not be the reason

Job-loss is associated with a more weight gain in working UK adults, according to new CEDAR research, but changes in smoking, diet and physical activity did not explain the weight gained. However, loss of sleep due to worry may be a factor, and the behavioural and psychosocial impacts of job-loss need to be further explored.Safe […]


Neighbourhood food environments, diet and healthResearch and policy meeting10.00am – 4pm, Tuesday 4 November 2014Møller Centre, Cambridge#cedardiet14You can read abstracts for each talk here (pdf).You can download slide sets for many of the presentations from the day below. Please note, some sets may be edited to remove unpublished material or copyright images. 10.00 Coffee and […]

Research and policy meeting 4 November 2014

Are you in a healthy place? Neighbourhood food environments, diet and healthResearch and policy meeting This meeting was held 10.00am – 4pm, Tuesday 4 November 2014, Møller Centre, Cambridge #cedardiet14 Where we live, study and work, the shops and takeaways we use, and the social structures we inhabit have the potential to shape how we […]

Policy and environmental approaches to obesity prevention in pregnancy and childhood

. Pregnancy and early childhood are periods of rapid growth, and represent critical windows for the promotion of healthy dietary behaviors benefitting both mother and child.  Obesity prevention is also important for very young children, with potential implications for the rest of the life course.The aim of this research programme is to identify policy-based approaches […]