New Evidence Briefs from CEDAR – tell us what you think

At CEDAR we’re producing a series of Evidence Briefs: succinct summaries of our research findings. We want to hear your views about how documents like this might be made most effective in supporting decision making within policy and practice.

We know that there can be gaps between the evidence that individual studies are able to generate and the broader information that policy makers and practitioners need to support their decisions. Some of these gaps can be filled over time by academic research, and other information will need to be brought together by national organisation such as NICE and, in the future, Public Health England. CEDAR is involved in providing evidence to these national bodies. We also feel it is useful to summarise our research as it emerges.

So, let us know what you think. Even if you don’t work in this policy or practice area, your views can help us improve future Briefs on other topics.

[Update 17 October 2012. The online survey has now closed. You can still contact Oliver on and read our Evidence Briefs at ]