Dragons’ Bikeshed – put your walking and cycling evaluation plans to the test

On Friday 2nd March 2018, as part of the second Transport and Health conference, CEDAR we be part of the first ever Dragon’s Bikeshed ‘PROactive Travel?’ session. This will be an opportunity to take your evaluation plans out for a spin in front of an expert panel of public health scientists, transport researchers, and policy makers.

  •  Do you want to find out if your planned cycle lanes increase active commuting?
  • Will pedestrianisation of the town centre increase walking in retail areas?
  • Does an electric hire bike scheme lead to more physical activity among women? Would individual travel planning change attitudes and walking levels in a deprived community?
  • If we build a new road crossing will people feel safer walking their children to school?

The panel will consider any transport intervention or scheme, but the evaluation itself should focus on an aspect of walking and cycling. We are looking for proposed evaluations rather than those that have already happened.

To enter, please complete the form at http://landor.co.uk/transporthealth/2018/proactivetravel.php

All entries will receive written feedback from the panel to help improve the proposals.

The best entries will be invited to present their ideas in a three minute pitch in front of a live audience, followed by reflections from the panel and discussion of how to get the most out of transport evaluations. All entries will be provided with written feedback.

The friendly evaluators will be:

There will be a prize for the winner!